School Development

The role of the School Development Committee is to plan and monitor the curriculum, attainment and achievement of all pupils and provision made for particular groups (SEN/Gifted and Talented/ vulnerable groups / gender etc ).

Duties include:

  • Monitor Pupil Attainment and Progress. We look at the progress of the whole school broken down by year groups, and then receive information on other groups of children; boys/girls, children with Special Educational Needs, children for whom the school is in receipt of the Pupil Premium. Governors ensure that standards are being maintained and that all individual groups are making acceptable progress.
  • Reviewing the School Evaluation Form. This is a self evaluation of the strengths of the school and is used to highlight areas that may need improvement.
  • Setting and Monitoring the School Improvement Plan. This sets the priorities and targets for each academic year and makes a detailed plan to meet the targets.
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN); the school has a statutory responsibility to assess children for their special educational needs and to take this into account in determining the resources applied to these children and the care that they are given by staff.
  • Developing and Reviewing Policies; the school has a large number of policies detailing practice in many areas of the school’s life. These policies are reviewed frequently and new policies are continually being added.

School Development Governors

(Chair) Sam Hay

Chris Grove
Gareth Rawson
Cara Williams
Charlotte Broadley
Carol Taylor
Laura Chadwick

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