Value Narratives

Value 1Risk Taking is important for children as it helps to develop confidence to cope with challenging situations, which in turn, contributes to their sense well-being.

By giving children opportunities to take part in risky play such as climbing, sliding, jumping, balancing, running all of which include some risk of injury we provide opportunities for children to overcome their fears, push their limits, test boundaries and challenge themselves all while having a fun and exciting play time.

Risk Taking
Learning from our mistakes
Working in a different way
Confidence to try new things
Trying new things no matter how small
Pushing boundaries – seeing how far we can go
Be brave
Limitless learning
Being receptive to change – allow it to happen – recognise fears but go ahead anyway
Growing from within
Being confident enough to be brave
Not afraid to take risks.
Reaching high
Learning to live with and accept failure as part of the learning process

Risk Taking

What do you see when you look at me?

Am I as brave as a lion or as jumpy as a flea?

I’m happy to sit, follow, watch and learn,

But give me a chance, just watch those heads turn!

It used to be frightening to try something new,

But now I am proud of all things I do.

It’s always disappointing if things start to go wrong,

Doubts creeping in, I need to keep myself strong.

Learning from mistakes is now something I do,

Nobody’s perfect, ensure you stay true!

There is never a limit to the new things I’ll try!

Just push away those boundaries, reach for the sky!

Courage is something which comes from inside,

Don’t shy away from failure, push those fears aside.

The skills I have learned, instilled deep inside me,

Means I’ll never give up – watch me be me!

Value 2 – Connectedness, with this value we were asked to identify what being part of a successful team needed. Connectedness is a feeling of belonging, having an affinity to the greater whole, partnering and trusting those you work alongside everyday.

Working together as a team
Working as a team where everyone feels respected and supported
Recognise that consistency is important – we want everyone to be authentic and true to themselves but we also need a consistent approach to teaching, learning and with behaviours
Knowing you are valued – your opinion matters and will be listened to/taken into account.
Mutual respect for each other & showing this
Recognising our own strengths and areas for development
Understanding when others need support, and providing that support or helping them to help themselves.
Working successfully alongside each other, being mindful of each other, not afraid to take risks. Engaging in each other’s emotional state. Knowing there is someone there to support us and the feeling is mutual.
Reciprocity – working together to achieve the same aims/goals. Being on the same page.

We were asked to write a short narrative explained our connection and how we can be challenged but still pull together as a team.


It was early morning and the day ahead stretched before us. We were emotionally and physically charged. Our aim was to reach the summit. What a challenge!!

It was nice and simple to begin with. Then it got steeper and steeper. As the steps turned into rocks and the gap between them widened, the challenge became daunting, our energy lowered, the cold seeped into our bones and we found ourselves disheartened. Doubt had crept in, aches came from nowhere, confidence ebbed. The head and body started to argue – but they both agreed it couldn’t be done.

We stopped for a short reset. We reminded ourselves about what had motivated us in the first place. Positive words were spoken; food and drink consumed. Energy levels started to rise as our connectedness has brought us back!

The next stage was notoriously difficult! To get through it we would need to dig deep, keep morale up and support each other. Our emotions led us, but did not defeat us because we had each other to lean on.

When we finally reached the top, we were exhilarated and exhausted, hugs and laughter ensued! Without a doubt, we are stronger together!

Value 3 – Recognition It’s important for everyone to feel they are “seen” but sometimes it can seem to be only the negative things that are noticed.  At our school we aim to improve behaviour and pupil’s self-esteem by recognising and praising the good behaviour.

Where every child in the school is recognised for their individuality and feels valued
Rewarding good examples.
EVERYONE is valued and recognised.
Providing a platform for showing what we are doing well
No jealousy in school encouraging individuality
Spot the good things, continually
Not big rewards, just recognition
Knowing you are valued

Here I am

I am again, sat waiting.  Morgan is rolling around on the floor, he’s allowed to be silly in the mornings.  Eva is crying, she came in a bit late again and it upset her.  Tommy is talking.  It’s the same every day.  The teacher keeps shouting for quiet, she can’t see me!

I’m not the best child in the school. When I’m with my friends, we get playful, we go too far!  I shout out, quite often. I answer back, too. I don’t choose to do it; it just comes out.  Everyone notices when I’m not at my best – I know they do, because they tell me in front of everyone.  They’ll call my parents again soon, I feel ashamed. 

Here I am again, but it’s a different day – there’s a new face in the doorway.  They smile! I sit waiting and they notice.  They thank me for sitting quietly.  After a minute when most children are settled, they smile and thank me again for being so patient.  We’re asked to be quiet for the register.  Whilst others around are whispering, I sit quietly – I’ve had a great start to the day, I don’t want to ruin it now.

I struggle with handwriting but I’m told they like the way I’m holding the pencil and I’m shown how to do the next letter.  I sit up straighter and do my best.  It’s pointed out that this page is neater than the last one.  I can see my own progress.  I’m not perfect – but today I’m motivated to do the right thing!

Value 4 – Creativity

Inspiring creativity in both teaching practice and learning is vital as it helps with problem solving, communication, adapting to change, thinking outside the box and in reducing stress. We thought hard about all the elements needed to encourage a creative environment meant.

Challenging the children to do the best they can
Challenge the staff to do the best they can
Providing a wide range of learning experiences
Deliver experiences to allow children to unlock their hidden potential
Less rules
Ensuring our curriculum takes into account the needs of all of our learners.
Making sure children are equipped to show their creative skills – provide the opportunities for them to flourish and show off their skills, having the self-confidence to do so.
Limitless learning

A Recipe for Creativity

Do you want to inspire and engage others to unlock their creativity? If so, follow this simple recipe – you will be amazed by the results! It’s a real crowd pleaser, guaranteed to put a spring in everyone’s step.

You will need:

  • Bucketful’s of freedom
  • Gallons of confidence
  • Boatloads of excitement
  • Tonnes of opportunities
  • An abundance of challenge
  • Copious amounts of active and limitless learning


  1. Take a bucketful of freedom and guide carefully through any turbulence you may encounter along the way.
  2. Sift in an abundance of challenge, safe in the knowledge that judgement-free risk taking will guide you.
  3. Carefully fold in a tonne of opportunities, ensuring inclusivity and intent.
  4. Add copious amounts of active, limitless learning, encouraging collaboration and productivity.
  5. At this stage you may encounter lumps in the mixture. Use your resilience to stir through the barriers.
  6. Whisk in a boatload of excitement and take a step-back, leaving the creativity to develop.
  7. Serve with gallons of confidence.

Value 5 – Safety

Everyone feels safe and secure and ready to learn
I feel safe having this conversation
Without it we may as well not exist!
This is my space, I feel safe here
If I share my views, I won’t be judged
Being confident in our environment to be able to grow


Little Bear was lost. Alone, he stumbled through the darkness of the forest, desperate to find safety. After being separated from his loving family, on that fateful afternoon, he yearned for the warmth of familiarity. Terrified, he listened to the unknown sounds which surrounded him. As he stumbled along a dark shadow swept across his path. To his surprise, a wise old owl appeared! Too shy to ask for help, Little Bear continued his perilous journey, but no matter how hard he tried he could not find his way. Wise old owl followed him, desperate to offer the young cub some support. Little Bear knew he had to be brave or he risked being alone forever. He knew he had to ask for help! As he spoke to the owl, recalling the turmoil which had occurred, a fuzzy feeling began to wash over him. He instantly felt better.

The owl flew off back to the tallest branches of the tree above him, keeping an ever watchful eye on the cub as he drifted off to sleep. Suddenly, Little Bear woke to a sound he recognised, a sound he would never forget. Opening one eye, he could see all those dear to him, their arms outstretched welcoming him back. He leapt into their warm embrace and a wave of relief swept over him. Overcome with emotion, he knew he was safe from harm. He felt like he could rule the world!

By Carla and Laura